Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Return to it later

If you get confused, take a break.

Come back to it later for a fresh view.

Only problem is, sometimes the decision is still just as hard.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Main Dish

Chester Style SSR 19x9.5 inch in the front and 19x11 in the rear. DEEP

Or Meister S1 3 P really 18 is enough.

Rauh Welt Style

Wheel options.

I've been checking wheels. Photoshop is not good for this.
Sizes always seem increased.

Gone back up to 18x10 +38 and +18 But I think the 17x18 debate is not over.

XD9 17" Bronze Dish on these is the same 63mm for larger sizes.

XD9 vs TE37 GT-R Size +22 and Over
These always look.

18" White

18" Black (photoshop maybe 19")

Bronze 18" Bronze (photoshop maybe 19")

Castrol Green 19" Spokes are longer on the 19" version and don't always look so aggressive.

17" can be cool

The other options are the Gram lights Maximum or Optimise or 57G vs 57D
All have good pros and cons.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Combat 7:13 Inspiration @ 7's Day

I am really loving the Veilside Evolution Combat C3 kit. I met the owner at 7's day and had a good look at the fender kit.

The rear provides a boatload of space with the guards trimmed and welded underneath. The fronts can also house some fatness. Gun Advan RS 18x9 +20ish looks easy

The owner has keps the 20 spoke Veilside rims which he agreed were painful to clean and admitted he did a poor job of cleaning them. They did however have a huge dish in the rear (he couldn't remember offsets though)

He also had a fortune FD rear window in White that while it looked great from the rear, it didn't show the car's lines well in profile. This is not on my agenda.

Plenty of potential here.

Another Item I thought was close to spot on recently is the type 15th rear wing. I plan to run the car LOW, so this will keep it planted on the street. A little more subtle than the Kunny'z  JZX GT wing I had planned

But If you just play with wheel selection, fitment and Offset. This will look amazing. I am becomming very focussed in this direction. 19" CE28N are too damn expensive.

Weds GT300 TC105N looked great on the Moccomans fd. They also bring memories of the Leg Sport FD3s. This colour is discontinued, but custom order is OK.

This FC and the Greddy FD provided inspiration for Work Rims in +17ish Offset.

The Deep dish 17" XD9 almost create the RS-Watanabe Style.

Very cool for school.

I really can't wait to start.