Monday, November 29, 2010

Shopping Trolley

 Some people say the GT Wing is a bit of a trolley. So I parked up in the right spot.

The car still is an FD. It still looks good.

 I like the deep centre of the RP-01.

but I still need to drop it a touch.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Xmas shopping list

Bride seat and rail
Harness and rear harness bar

That's all

Saturday, November 20, 2010

SAB Reflections

OK, so my first highway drive out to SAB in chiba. I can't believe I've had the car for over a month and I've hardly done 100klms. Well actually I can believe it. Many small issues and other shit going on.

I would like a circuit or mountain attack to test my fun factor, highway drive is about as boring for me as watching paint dry. But the car seems to behave itself in it's high state of tune on the trip.

The suspension is pretty hard, and any serious japanese highway corrigation isn't absorbed so well but that is to be expected, general handling however is very good. the few corners on the way provided surefooted direction change.

See if I can find some time before or after my Tsukuba trip. Parked next to this R-Magic demo car. the stance is way too high. I need it about 20~25mm down to be happy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stickin with the Wing

What's different... maybe you can guess from the title. The wing is back on.

There's a few reasons for this.
  • I don't really like wingless FDs. Even though Version I didn't have a wing for about a year.
  • Balance on the car is better.
  • Looks more aggressive.
  • Prep for event.
  • Wing was taking up space in the house.

I also cut a couple of small stickers. "Scoot" for the wing and some small "RE-Xtreme" for somewhere.
I may add some red today... see what happens.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Version III Vinyl

The RP-01 looks good. Ride height sucks.

I still love the bling effect. Something a little more is just a 5 minute photoshop to make trouble for me.

I have always loved Weds BVillens TS-V in 19" x whatever size and offset is always in the back of my mind for whatever car I own. The actuality of this is about 21" but i admit it looks freaking awesome.

The vinyl design is evolving. I don't want anything majorly devastating. The Sema designs got me thinking in a similar direction. I'd like to do it before the weekend but time may get the better of me. Realistically I need a couple of days for this. Not a couple of hours.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Version III 2010

 Version III in the sun today at my favourite spot. I'm not sure the white suits this location though.

The car is still filthy! I love white! dirty or clean... It still looks ok.

I need it this high! Especially if I am going to run no wing for a while. I must say, power steering on this car is very light, response is up and the engine is simply a monster. Next week I am off to the Super Autobacs Meeting, but I won't be there until late. I hope there are still some cool cars around.

The other thing I did today was re-fit the short steering boss. Driving reach position is almost perfect again. Indicators stalks are far, but not too far. Effectively a 50mm increase over stock. 80mm deep steering wheel. Boss -30mm.

I just need a Bride Low Max drivers seat to get down into the car a bit more.

Soon. Long drive...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Side Effects

Crap iphone pictures. Needs to be lower.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Enkei RP-01 are finally on the car!

Last night my friendly drift sensei dropped off the wheels in his daily super Vitz and we fitted them this morning. Then went for a very small drive. Dai-san says... "Hayai ne!" Translation. Fast! 

Immediately, I have more traction, but there was still a little drift involved. Very easily provoked. The tyres are quite old Pirellis.

Lucky he came around, because my "lightweight" FD3s jack died in the process. This shot is before the suspension settled down again.

Anyway, for the stance hunters, Im still running pretty normal height. 

 For me these offsets are perfect, but I'd like the tyres under the guards and about 1.5" lower.

For this car, Speed may win over style as the sus is quite good for track although independant ride height is not adjustable, but you never know, some substantial drop may occur for some drift action.

Last pic shows the machining of the hub. RP-01 are actually a pearl colour so they match the body very well.

Now I just have to clean everything and sort out a lot of rough edges, that may take longer than I expect.


SEMA Mazda Designs

SEMA highlighted some new design influence for the motorsports focussed Mazdaspeed.

This is the one applied to the Mazda 2 only in White. RP-01 Enkei style. This will be VERY cheap to do.
I have everything here at home for this.

I drew from the tripoint Mazda 6 and the Mazdaspeed Mazda 6 for these two. The RENOWN influence is heavily integrated in the bold stripes not unlike the last design I did.

This last design is from an older RE-Amemiya RX3 savanna

Friday, November 5, 2010

Play time

What do you think?

Massive 19" VR-G2 in custom hyper bronze.

Scoot Custom Carbon Air dam. <- Now something like this I am actually thinking of.

Note angry birds pig emblem.

Steerwinglesscone - frustration

 Now we shall start the story with the happy ending. Fortune D1 Spec 80mm deep cone steering wheel with blue stitch and a much better driving position.

Here is the frustration part. these two were sooooooo tight I bent the bemuck out of my allen key and then with help from a friend proceeded to strip them. Anyway. luckily I had the original boss and I could push the horn button aside to remove the rapfix short boss.

 So after a lot of cursing and angst, I now have a nice interior. 1 issue. The boss if for Nardi and these are momo setting so the centre point is 5 degrees off. But when I get the short boss back in action I'll be set.

So anyway, on my return home, I passed about 10 cop cars, all of which love looking at a foreigner in a loud sports car with the huge GT Wing.

I think 1480mm is legal on an FD but this is 1600mm so thats a bit risky, I decided to remove it around town and keep it for track excursions or dedicated mountain adventures.

I may pick up a stock wing, but there are sooo many holes in the hatch, I am not sure it would look good.
Maybe an old school RE-Amemiya swimming pool style wing maybe cool.

We shall see, but for now it looks pretty normal.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Shoot.

Went for a short drive today to my favourite little photo shoot area. It is rather loud! Can't wait to hit some tunnels.

Even with stock rims, the car looks pretty nice. Stock body FD is all you need.

I love how white hides sooo much filth. Scoot aero parts really stares right at you. 
Up close it's not a pretty sight. But over time it will get some love.

Rear could use a diffuser but it won't get one unless I change the rear wing. I think the size of it should generate more than enough downforce for my antics on street tyres.

Interior will change soon, this is more of a point in time shoot. As of today I already have an 80mm deep cone D1 Spec steering wheel to go in place of the Momo prototipo.

Next week my RP-01 should be back from the hub machining shop. Chopped the stock rims up size for a comparo. These will be sold soon anyway. I was going to try and keep the 8.5 rears and buy two more for the track, but it aint worth it. Probably get some other old wheels from yahoo.

but I wonder what direction the car will take. You never know with me. A little vinyl tape here and there. It really doesn't take much to create maximum impact.


Monday, November 1, 2010

RP-01 18" Wheel Weights

I found someone selling wheels and they had weighed the Enkei RP-01 Cast Wheels

Wheel Weights are...
18x8.5" = 9.52Kg
18x9.5" = 10.43kg

Not the lightest, but not too bad.

The Advan RS 18x10 were 10Kg each.


Wheels are off to the machine shop today.
Maybe by the end of next week.

Check my old comment on this post.