7's Day -7 July 2011


As purchased 2010/10






Current Spec 2011/4

2000 GF-FD3S RX-7
Build Date 25th July 2000 as Type RB
Chaste White 5 speed manual

.RSG. Design RE-Xtreme graphics.
Scoot Sports Hood
Scoot Sports Front Bumper
RE-Amemiya H11 Sleek Lights
3D GT Wing - Track only
Tow hook
KSP Engineering Drag Rear Wing
Cheap Side Skirts

KTS SC Damper System ∑ + External Reservoir
Swift 16Kg/mm Springs
Brake Ducting.
Brake Pads. (carbon metallic compound)
Scoot Dampers.

Enkei RP-01 18"x8.5" +35 235/40R18 Pirelli Dragon.
Enkei RP-01 18"x9.5" +38 265/35R18 Pirelli Dragon.
YMS Alloy Lock Nuts
Mazda 17"x8.0" +50 H:67mm Wanli S1097 215/45 R17
Mazda 17"x8.5"JJ +50 H:67mm Bridgestone RE-01 245/40 ZR17

Fortune D1 Spec 80mm Deep Cone Leather Steering Wheel - Blue Stitch
Short Steering Boss.
Cusco 7 point Roll cage
Cusco 40mm roll bar padding
RE-Amemiya Rear Rigid Bar with Harness Eye Hooks
Willans 4 point 2" Harness
Bride Zieg III BN Sport Model Low Max FRP full bucket seat
Bride LF Low Max seat rail (-40mm)
Relocated battery to trunk
OEM Version VI White face instruments, Green Illumination.
Defi 52mm White face Boost, Water and Oil, Temp and Oil pressure gauges
RE-Xtreme Custom boost gauge mount
Kinght Sports Oil Sensor Attachment.
Kenwood Stereo

Apexi Power FC
Apexi Power FC Commander

Engine and Drivetrain.
Trust TD06 turbo
Trust Manifold
Trust Type R BOV
Trust Airinx Filter
RE-Amemiya Dolphin Tail exhaust.
Custom IC setup -- Z mount?
Koyo Radiator
RE-A Air Separator Tank
Custom Oil catch tank
HKS twin power ignition
In tank Fuel Pump
Greddy Elbow
Piping with Samco hoses.
Greddy Pulleys
PS Cooler
HD Clutch

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