Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adjustable splitter

Here's something thats been in my mind, feel free to comment.

I want to run the car low, but that means avoiding my driveway with any kind of splitter.

Ive been thinking of ways to have an extendable section or simply one that slides in when I need it for circuit days.. Held in by pins or bolts.

The one that slides in is easy. Just affix some bars along the underside and slide the front section into some tubes. These are running strainght along the body, so it wouldn't detract from the effect much? would it?

This car has an outer edge only, the centre could be added for track days.

I actually want it a bit lower like this picture.

R- Magic make one also but it's crazy expensive and probably wouldn't match the body of my car.

What to do?

Speed Hunting

A while ago, Dino gave me some stickers for my car. There is now one on each surface.

Speaking of surface. This black car was kind enough to stop beside me I could admire the black rims.

But OMG! look at the mismatch in colour in the side skirts. one day I'll paint them, the bonnet, bumper and rear spoiler.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Blue Skies... Nice day for a Paint. ps. No Photoshopping!!!!! What a change. Great!!!!

I've been wanting to paint my Enkei RP-01 for a while. But today was the day.

 I live on a main street with nowhere to do this, but a friend offered me his garage for the day.

A little far from my place, but the return journey saw a stop at daikoku for some crappy iphone pics.

Fresh. Hella Matt! Hella cool! Who needs advan RG-D? Maybe me... hahaha.

A little bad news though. My trip up and down the wangan through yokohama and tokyo highways becaame a bit of a joke. The dampers in the car seem to be pretty old, Today's inspection saw a whole lot of leaking oil from the rears and a ride full of bounce and void of damping. So much so it was funny.

So priorities change and tyres will wait until new coilovers are purchased. I'll sell the old Scoot ones. I want some independant height / independant spring damping shocks anyway. -65mm here we come.


Thursday, February 17, 2011


For the Scoot Bumper. I need a splitter. Balance is key. Money Money Money....Next Month


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A scrubber is a derogatory term for an unattractive lady, but I'm using it more as defining cars that scrub the ground.

This car is providing a lot of inspiration for me at the moment.

Black Out

Here is the car fitted with black wheels. Rear Diffuser and some subtle graphics.

This one has used Enkei NT-03. about the only other affordable wheel for me. Can't stop playing with photoshop.

Realistically, I'll be painting these wheels as soon as the new tyres come. Lower IS better.

Hella tuck, flush, stanced, low, Whatever.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Here's a chop of the car with the GT wing. and no rear lip spoiler. The combination together is not pretty.

RE-Xtreme Ver III Checkpoint

Ok, I did take my camera, but battery was dead so the iPhone had to do for this checkpoint.

Basically, since new year, I have installed the Enkei RP-01 wheels, some stickers (waiting for cutter to do more)

KSP Rear wing for the street. (still have the GT wing for the track)

And thats it, exterior wise. It snowed last night so the car is very dirty, hence the dark lines down the side.

Recent project has been to clean up the interior. I took the rear seat out today. A nice puddle of water under there. ? Why?

I contorted my body into the rear and trimmed the rear section of the roll cage today. Not going to win any concours event, but adequately neat.

I also re-trimmed and fitted the rear harness bar, I tried it with the eyebolts upright but the seat is so low the harness was way above level.

For now the rear of the car is empty. Except for the batery and an old CD changer. In time these will be relocated, maybe into storage bins, but for now. I'm  ready for tyres and some track time.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tyre Time

There isn't much needed to make my FD look freaking cool.
Lowered and a bit of paint on the wheels. A splitter is unavoidable and gt-wing will see circuit duty.
Just a tweak here and there. But this post is more about tyres.

Tyre Choice Time.

Right now I have 18" wheels. 8.5" and 9.5" rims but the tyres are worn.
So the logical choice is to replace with the same size. 235/40 and 265/35 Right? Wrong.

Purpose: The car is to see some double duty "fun" circuit driving.
Not extreme time setting or super drift, but somewhere in between. Let's call it "Slide Attack" setting.

So that means maybe a little less tyre is more fun.

225/40 front and 255/35 rear for the street will be perfect. (Version I setting)
This will see the car able to be lowered with ease.
The tyres may have a slight stretch to tuck the wheels nicely inside the guards with 8.5"+35 and 9.5"+38 Offset.
Front will also have more lock at the lower hight without chewing the guards during some impromptu drift.
For the circuit, If I use 255/35 all round. (Version II setting)

I only need another two 9.5" rims with some 255/35 mounted.
These could be used on the front for improved turn in for grip running days or on the rear for spare drift duty spares.
I have more than enough power to spin any tyre so durability is a little bit of an issue also. Softer High grip tyres will dissappear quickly.

It's good writing this down because it helps the clarity.

Looks / Versatility / Fun / Low Cost / Durability

Negatives. (at this point I don't care about so basically none)
lower grip level / slightly less control / higher lap times
Lap times for me are only a measure of driver performance so a consistent vehicle setting will mean measurable outcomes.

So I think I've answered my own questions.

2x 225/40R18 for the front 8.5" rims.
2x 255/35R18 for the rear 9.5" rims.
2x 255/35R18 spare
2x 9.5" RP-01 or similar

Configurations Available
Street 225/40R18 F / 255/35R18 R
Circuit Drift 225/40R18 F / 255/35R18 R
Circuit Attack 255/35R18 F & R GT Wing + current ride hight + alignment.

Tyre Choices
225/40R18 Neova AD08, Direzza Star Spec or Bridgestone RE-11 are the choices. Y25000~ea
255/35R18 Federal 595RS-R seems logical.  Y17500~ea

So total is about 130,000

I think that should balance the car. Probably the 225 Neova would match the grip of the 255 Federals anyway.

(Note to self -- last time green Version II had 255 on 10J rims and there was no stretch. *** Research)


Haaaaaa Baaaaaaa!

Still contemplating the splitter, But my budget has reduced a little. I know... delays delays...

 That being said, the small bits I need for my first track day keep rolling in slowly.

This is an RE-Amemiya Rear Rigid Bar. The blue cover will be ditched and replaced with black. Maybe tomorrow.

Damn you splitter! I've had responses from Fukuoh and Auto-Labo. Fukuo will be 38000+Custom work.
Auto Labo measured up, but there are some discrepancies.

Perhaps, tamon shall be contacted. They make one for the wide Car, Perhaps they could be persueded to make a narrow version.

Test car donated by Me!

ps. TE37 Not included.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Yes, More chops. VRG2. Deep offset is maybe too deep and super expensive.

I've been looking at tyres, but when i search I find wheels too.
Ive seen some of these blue beauties used fairly cheap. Although not this dished, they still look good.

Which got me thinking about the old T&E Vertex car (the green one) Those babies were wicked! Chrome is coming! Bring it! These were chopped straight from a standard body car! I'll have to check the specs.

Don't even get me started on aero! I'll be chopping forever. Gotta get me splitter sorted.

Seems the companies I contacted are asking around 38000 yen for the undertray + whatever to fit a custom airdam. Hmmm.


Friday, February 4, 2011


I can finally start to show off the interior a bit. Bride Zieg III BN is super tight and has a great feel. It keeps your legs where they should be. Today's job was to add the Cusco roll bar pads to the cage.

 Removing the entire cage... What a pain in the ass. A little bad news though. Without taking out the seats, I couldn't get the rear loop bar out and time was pressing. I'm still waiting for some more padding so I also only had enough to cover the front anyway. 

So I'll have to either have to
A. cover that in the car.
B. remove everything. AGAIN! 

Should I take out the carpet too? At the moment it's still pretty comfortable. But I thought about removing the carpet today.
Covering the rear bar in the car is no big deal because I have to cut the entire length of the pad anyway.

If you've ever done this job, you need a lot of finger grip strength and patience.

Here's a little tip for getting everything in the right place.
Get some of these little velcro straps. Then super glue is easier to hold.

Next plan is to relocate the relocated battery.

My Shaken registration says 4 seater, but I think adding the rear bins and going 2 seater full time is the best option.

I was sitting in the rear today, and really there is NO way this is a 4 seater. Japanese kids are pretty small though.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I went to KTS today to get some Cusco rubber for my Roll Cage. I don't feel like slamming my helmet or my head against it.

Doing this also means I have to remove parts of the cage. The cage bolts have started to rust up, While most have been easy to remove, there's always the one that wont budge. In my case 3 STUPID F#($&*# #*(%&^(#*&% #(%&^&^%&^ %&^%*(*&#^ (*#&%^&%#) (*&#%^(* &#^%(&*#^(*&FING BOLTS.

Maybe its my lack of skill in untightening bolts... hahaha. But my cheap tools don't help.


Hey! RAY! S

Rays RE30, Yes Please. Price... No thanks. Formula Silver is almost chrome without the weight penalty.

Forged beauties with rigidity and light weight. These are the strongest RAYS. Bronze are good but they dont seem to be sitting well on this image.

Centre capped versions are also just not right somehow.