Sunday, September 5, 2010


I'm always sketching something.

Latest designs are for the rear. The BN sports rear is not the best, but with a little work it could be very cool.

This one has a GT wing with old school RE-Amemiya towers and end plates. Fender mirrors or Craft Square?

The one below leaves the basic shape of the BN Sports rear with similar venting however omits the diffuser and goes for a nice RE-Xtreme FD3s ducktail spoiler. Low and Flat.

RE-Xtreme Project 7:13

RE-Xtreme Project 7:13

The Wish List.

BN Sports Defend Body kit.
Front bar modified with M Sports lip.
Rear bar modified with Knight Sports style.
Rear Diffuser.
Aero Euro Adjustable Rear Wing.
RE-Amemiya Hood 9 with Super GT farings.
Craft Square mirrors.
RE-Amemiya Sleek Lights with HID
LED rear light clusters.

Track - TE37 SL 18x11+17 + appropriate spacers
Drift - TE37 SL 19x11+23 + appropriate spacers Stretched tyres.
Coil overs TBA
RE-Amemiya Rigid sway bar
Cusco tower bars
Rigid Engine/Gearbox/Diff mounts
2 Way LSD.

Defi DSSC and VSD
Nardi Classic Deep Cone
Works Bell Boss
Bride Zieg III Bucket
Roll cage

13B spec depending on donor car.
Preferably single with 420 hp ish

I hope the 7:13 doesn't mean complete in 2013.
Try and kick off soon.