Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 New Wheels

This year sees Rays lead with TE37 SL

Rays Gram Lights division goes for 57Ultimate DC - D1 inspired colours

These remindme of SE37K

Pretty cool! Blue or Red.

Work have some interesting Matt Brown S1 and the new M1 R shown here.

Advan have a 5 spoke TC III which looks very similar to a TE37. I have no pic yet but These are a must have. Wait for shots. Matt black with a machined centre like TC II


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Version III Design Update

Based on the last photoshop. This is a more extreme variation. Simply a concept image, but the low wide image is very cool.

The real plan is to retain the normal body and paint the wheels Matt Black.

Then add a Pit-Road generic 3 piece FRP splitter and fabricate approx 1.5" of Airdam to extend the Scoot bar. It's much higher than other bars on the market.

Craft Square mirrors will eventually complete the picture.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tough Directions

I am still looking for a final direction. But its close. Minimising cost vs performance.

While I like the white on white look. The car needs some more dark to balance those lights. So the matt black treatment might finally be used on my RP-01.

My current tyres are ok, but not much left on them, so after a bit of slide control practice, I think some Direzza Star Spec Radials will be used. 235/265 combo

This image is lowered, A LOT,  but it wont be lowered much. Handling is good.
Directions include a front air dam or splitter and some simple graphics.

I think this creates a tough style and I still have the GT Wing for track days. Takes 10 minutes to swap it.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dochi ga?

Vios III comes in the cheap sport version. Seat is more upright. Sides are lower.
Of course Zieg III is the ultimate FIA version and I will be way down low and laid back but it also offers a very difficult entry position.

VIOS III <- FD Fitting Check Here. Abit straight....

I'm leaning towards....

ZIEG III <- FD Fitting Check Here.

BN Sport Model has no buckskin on the shoulders and is black back and a little cheaper.
Also Bride logo Seats.

ZIEG III BN <- FD Fitting Check Here

Recaro are too expensive in Japan. They offers the same kind of model dilemma, TG vs RG but don't offer the side support of Bride seats.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Tsukuburg Ring

What a beautiful day today. Sunrise, Mt Fuji and the New Sky Tree @ 600m or so. 

Destination, Rev Speed Super Battle and a drive.

I call Mt Tsukuba, the Tsukuburg Ring, because it's basically full chat. But in this car it cannot be.

It's mostly 2nd gear for my beast. Tooo fast for this road. The new wing seems to keep things pretty stable.
I'll still keep looking for a TFR one though. This is just temporary.

And well set up. Lots and lots of grip. More than I expected actually, When it hooks up, it simply rockets.
The car is by far the fastest thing I've owned, so It will still take some confidence to use it to the full potential.
On the street, that is NOT going to happen. I was at full throttle on this twisty road for minimal periods.

This IS definately a track car, which opens a huge can of worms.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


KSP Spoiled ... Does that mean good or bad?

I am liking the style at the moment but that may change. I think this is pretty sweeping and long so the car really needs some lowering now.

There's actually a lot of up sweep on this so it should be effective.

This is very Ol'school for the FD. White RP-01, KSP wing, but soon it may get some vinyl so th elook will change.

I'd actually love the TFR viper ducktail style

But finding one of those cheap and in white may never happen.

So this one was 7000yen or $70, so I snapped it up.

I ran some vinyl over the multiple holes in my swiss hatch. Yes, that's swiss cheese.
11 each side = 22 holes all together.

Carbon or FRP hatch required?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cheap Tricks

 What is this big banana?

It has vents...? But I'm not sure thats a good thing. Exhaust into the interior?

Sweeping sides challenge the lines of the FD.

Well, here is a clue.

Influence from the purple beast.

KSP Rear Wing Spoiler Type II. It was cheap and it will replace the GT-Wing.
I've been told a GT wing on the C1 or Wangan is an instant ticket these days.

Should get bolted on tomorrow, my cheap tools were not complying today.

Rear image is TOUGH.

Kind of squares things off. But also makes a unique statement.