Sunday, January 30, 2011

Work It

Check this fattie. Super extreme Wide Porsche fenders and Super dish Work Miester S1. Cool!

But somehow this is just as cool. Emotion XT"7". Seven spokes of Metal Bright perfection. The high contrast works well on the white black scheme. Deep taper starts at 9.5+38
 I could fit these all round and a spacer on the rear. Just.
Bronze are a little strange.

Silver look OK, but still boring.

Hard lighting is ok too.

Crkai are also a Deep taper item. I like the gun shade on these.

WMB version has a little too much going on somehow. but these are much like the Weds 67R which outright look better. IMO

New M1 are an unknown. Matt bronze I need to see beside the car.

Heading back to the XT9. Seem to be the obvious choice at 50% off right now. around $230 per wheel for 18".

Grey or Matt black. 

But red is still there. I may cover in vinyl one day.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wheels Again

Here's the latest batch... Gram 57G cheap and good.

57 SOG

Im diggin these Weds 67R in matt titanium. These are cheap!

Gun 19's are cool but I cant put 19s on an FD.


Custom colors are a 3 month wait... no thanks.

maybe the next post will be work wheels. XD9 are on runout sale right now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Splitter Size

Nothing to see here... Just measuring how big I need. outline of the lower bumper lip.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Advan Love Hate

I love Advan Wheels. The way the spokes are long and curving in the GT-R Design. RS especially.
After thinking about TC-III I'm back on the Advan train. I've had RGII and RS before.

bUt, I hate that they are soooo expensive. I mean it's just a cast wheel. Almost like Louis Vitton, premium price for sub-par materials.

I love the way they look. 19's are way cool but a bit impractical on the FD. Having to stretch tyres and such just to make them fit.

So 18s would do, But I hate cleaning 10 spoke wheels. I hate the compromise in offsets. +22 is minimum for coolness.

Matt Black is of course unavailable.

Custom Blue
Custom Red

So there's now a new breed.

RS-D in Matt black are available, are but somehow the spokes are hidden and don't reflect light like the RS or RGII spokes that find light. They don't have that Ping!

RG-D are cool too, but i am typically not a lip guy unless the spoke extend more.

RGII are great, 6 spokes are easy to clean and still have that strong reflective image. so for me I must conclude that RGII are still the wheel for me.

Blue is cool too, interior is heading in a blue direction so it kind of makes sense to go blue outside as well.

Super cool Matt Black... IMO sooo much better than RG-D even though chances of scraping them are increased.
And Finally
Pop! Chrome! For the street would be great. That's kind of irrellevant because car's focus is circuit and WHAT TO BUY is irrellevant because I have no spare cash for these.
I hate thinking too much.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 New Wheel Releases - Pt 1

I was WAITING for Advan TC III since I saw them in Option mag, However I was a bit dissapointed. The Matt Black version was not displayed.

I think the silver version looks better than this gun/ machined version.

But still looks cool. Maybe I should darken the graphics?

Gram Lights 57 Ultimate DC chrome colour finshes are awesome!

Again these darker wheels (except black) don't seem to match the bright red. 

But this looks good.

This Advan RS-D prototype release in RED.

 Check RE-Xtreme Extra for more wheels from TAS and the full size versions.

Holding Monster

 It came the other day. Zieg III BN Model FRP Racing Seat.

Ready for install.

I decided against carbon bling and in your face gradation, black bride logo. good enough.

Here's a tip, the edges of the LF rail are like razors. very sharp. 6 cuts on my hands after the install. Yow! 

So it's in. A few scratches due to my own stupidity but they are near the trans tunnel and no one can see.

First sit is good. Entry is difficult but not too bad. great support. But for me the best thing is that the car is sooooooo much easier to drive now. Heel and toe are good,  before I was missing gears a little, now I am in the PERFECT position.

The height I am sitting changes the view. I feel faster, even at slow speeds. A little tight on my overweigh body, but it's inspiration for training.

You can see the Willans in the back. I didn't get out to pick up a harness mount today, but soon I'll get in in.

The car already had the eyebolts on the floor for the side of the harness. Just gotta sort out the rear.

I need a blue drift handbrake knob and maybe a new shift knob. But I am not sure, the stock one is fine. Also have to clean up the PFC position and get my cage padding.

The list of things to do gets shorter and longer at the same time.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Harness the Power!

I washed the car today for the first time.... haha. On the way home I stopped in my favourite spot for some shots.

Pretty striking. Everything is overexposed to sh1t because my camera recently decided to die. I have another, but it means it's camera decision time. I have to delay that because I have little spare cash.

Luckily my friend Myles donated his old Willans 2" harness. It will do until I get some other pieces.
Just have to work out where to put it. New seat will arrive soon, so I didn't install yet.

It's coming together for a bit of track action soon.