Sunday, May 30, 2010

Combat Mode

Ultimate battle must be 100% commitment. You may even commit your life.

In the first of these liveries. Code name "FD 7.13" Commitment comes from the F15 with a Samurai edge. Tried to keep this one sharp. I'm loving the shuriken around the arch. Work XC8 doing the sharp effect on the wheel. While I hate C-West bubble lights as much as those other cheap ones you get, when you cover them up they should provide a good image. Some stenciled lettering should also provide the right contrast.

The second ultimate battle FD is a cross between a attack battle tank and a heavy hitting tactical Air Command "TAC" bomber. 80's ground cover olive drab and field green with black white highlights hides the profile while matt black 57G and funtional aero pieces conceal the real weapons.

for others I tried on my roadster see here. Emulating Zero, Mustang and others.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Carbon BN

This car features new carbon... and lights on.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Change of Direction


1999+ with Efini skin and a light tune.



Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Gulf of Efini

Liveries are going strong. Someone suggested this, but it really has no link at all to Mazda. Porsche Ford and Aston Martin... Vents look cool though. Could work well with a V-Mount.

Yesterday I did some work on this. resulting in a more streetable livery. Rock it!

I might be moving towards a white street Efini. I'll see if I can do a similar design on a normal FD body.

Asamoto's M-sports front bar should work? Very Similar design and the smaller size should match the RX3 grille???

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Old School

Canards are taking inspiration here fronm the side skirts, sculpting the front bar more aggressivley.

You may notice a little old school RX3 inspiration in the front of this one. I opened up the lower lip of the bumper and lined the air intakes. Of course in reality these would feature an OEM style honeycomb mesh.

This shows where the inspiration comes from. Pure RX3 in every way The bonnet line is changed on this one. Axis rims are cooooool. 

The retro colours from my last post combine very well with these small changes. The Marlboro race livery almost looks like an old school race car. The chrome adding a nice accent. You may also notice the window angle has changed on this one too. I'm an RX3 fan from way back. Maybe no Leaf springs in this one though.

Stick to some custom bilstein coilovers from Nishiki Brocade Suspension tuners.

This Le Mans Efini Version  based on the 787B le mans livery looks great. I didn't like the actual replica I did in white, but these subtle changes look great in military grey with the lights deleted. Pretty special.

BTW the direction has changed. I have basically exhausted the possiblity of building this car in this calendar year. So focus is on something a little less cost demanding. but definately when space, time and cash becomes available, the LE Mans Concept shall return.

Stay tuned.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Legend Liveries

Andy Warhol would be proud. This colourscheme adorned the Bmw M1 for Le Mans.

Speaking of Le Mans, One of the more famous liveries was the New Man Jeans Porsche 962. Comes up pretty good on the FD. Need dark rims for this one.

Who could go past the Marlboro Livery. Instantly recognisable. Even the Bar code would be good.

Castrol has also sponsored everything from Rally to Drag, Super GT.

As far as cost goes. Andy Warhol scheme uses a paint brush. Castrol Vinyl would be easy. but somehow the others are cool also.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mike's FD in Action

Youtube session.

Mad Mike has 3 FD3s from what I can make out.

Fursty was his starting point 20B.
BN Kit
Basic White.

Drift 20B

Madbull was the first 26B 4 Rotor
Unveil 26B

Japan -
4 Rotor.

R-Magic Hokkaido Car. 13B



Recently, I admit, I am obsessed with defining a direction for my next car. I know there is a long road ahead, but at least I am getting close to a full budget.

The decision for RAYS Gram Lights 57G has placed some kind of clear end point for me.

These images are using similar offset 57G wheels and while end point will not be a full custom body, it gives room for lateral addiction.

I was considering Work XC8 also to keep price in check and they also provide great dish and have proven themselves in D1 and Super Taikyu. But the extra width offered by RAYS is the main draw.

So I modified this shot I took from 7's day last year and added a splitter.

The JSDF Jet fighter influence from last post is definately something I was looking at. Spray can primer or flat black spray can will definately lower cost but still provide max impact.



BNspiration D1

Lets have a close up at the last BN demo car.

Canards and Small rear diffuser extensions go almost un-noticed on this car.
The body is simply huge! I love it.
Any way you look at it, F A T comes tom mind.

Rear tyres are 273/35/18 with monster dish. As this is a drift car, the tyre stretch is quite severe as well as the insane ride height.

Next to the equally fat FC. the cockpit of the FD looks soo small. But it also offers that Jet fighter feel.

The large rear GT wing is complementing it perfectly. From a distance in Front View it's very Race car. and not very D1.

So anyway. It's the race car look i'm after for my race car. I don't think the car will see any drifting other than a slight sideways struggle for traction. No hydraulic handbrake... thats for sure.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fat Wheels

The first part of this post is a list of JDM one piece rims in the widest widths and offsets available @ 18".

AND CHOICES; IT WAS AUTO SAVING along the way; THATS CRAP! Didn't Auto save shit!

Basically all these prices are JDM discounts .
The Dream Setup is RAYS Volk Racing TE-37 SL 18"x10.5" +15
At 54684Yen x 4 = 218736Yen
Tyres would be
Bridgstone RE-555S SR2 265/35/18 47760yen x 4 = 191040Yen
Total would be 409776Yen

My Choice (at the moment)
RAYS Gram Lights 57G 18x10.5 +15 32680yen x 4 = 130720Yen
Advan A050 M 265/35/18 42340Yen x 4 = 169360Yen
Total = 300080Yen

Possible El Cheapo
CST Zero 1 18x9.5+15 18190x4=72760
Toyo R888 265/35/18 37740x4=150960

TCII Cast 18x9.5 +12 & 18x10.5 + 15
RGII Cast 18"x10" +15 8.4Kg
RS    Cast 18"x10" +15
RS-D Cast 18x10 +25? WTF STUPID! Why does a deep dish have a lower offset.

Prodrive by RAYS
GC-06 Forged 18"x9.5" +15 or 18"x10" +15
Gun / Silver
GC-10 Forged 18"x9.5" +15 or 18"x10" +21 or 18"x10.5" +22
Gun / Silver

Volk Racing
TE37 SL Forged 18"x9.5" +15 or 18"x10" +20 or 18"x10.5" +15 or  18"x11" +18
TE37 Forged 18"x9.5" +12 or 18"x10.5" +15
VR. G2 Forged 18"x9.5" +15
RE30 Forged 18"x9.5" +15 or 18"x10.5" +18
Silver or Bronze
CE28N Genesis Forged 18"x9.5" +15 or 18"x10.5" +18

Gram Lights
57D Cast 18"x9.5" +12
White or Fluro
57G RCF Cast 18"x9.5" +12 or 18"x10.5" +12
Gun or Hyper Bronze

RP-F1 Cast 18"x9.5" +15 or 18"x10.5" +15

Weds Sport
TC105N Cast 18"x10.5" +12                      
Silver 8.35Kg
SA55M Cast 18"x10" +18
Blue Black / Gun Machined
SA67R Cast 18"x10" +15
Gun or Chrome!
SA70 Cast 18"x10" +18
Bronze / Chrome

Tanabe SSR
Type F Cast
18"x9.5" +12 - 8.80Kg
18"x10.5" +15 - 9.09Kg
18"x11" +21 - 9.21Kg
Black, Gold, Silver

XT7 Cast 18"x9.5" +12
Bronze Silver Gun White Chrome.
CRKai Cast 18"x9.5" +12
Carbon Titanium White Chrome.
XD7 Cast 18"x9" +20 or 18"x10" +18
Bronze Silver White Chrome.
XC8 Cast 18"x9.5" +12
Gold, White, Titanium Chrome.
11R Cast 18"x9.5" +12
Gold, White, Titanium Chrome.

The second part is a list of custom offset rims. The choice is soooooo large that I will just list a few killer rims.

Coming soon.

Tyre Choice

This image shows the Revolution time attack car tyres. Size is set. 265/35/18 is common and therefore supported. Rim Width is from 9~10.5 but a little stretch to 11 is OK. Maybe I should stick to 10.5" rims as there are more available there too.

They use Hankook Ventus TD 265/35R18 60,585YEN

Dunlop Direzza 03G 265/35/18 H1 (Longer Endurance Racing Compound)
These are a popular choice in Japan. Cost performance is good.
I could run Dunlop Slicks too. 260/655R 18 but tyre circumference is different.

Advan AO50 265/35/18 MH (Longer Endurance Racing Compound)
The pretty boy of tyres. Curved and refined A048 -> A050 time drop top runner. 

Bridgestone RE55S  265/35R18 93W. These are the pace setters.
These are a bit tricky because they are dedicated Left and right sided tyres
Basically too much trouble. Anyway they are SUPER EXPENSIVE!
The other options are difficult to find information because they are all sold only through the specialists and not mentioned on web sites. Strange that leading showcase tyres are forgotten. Then again the market is small.

Toyo Tyres R888 GG 265/35ZR18 97Y <--- wear rating is higher therefore should last longer (and be slower of course.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

BN FD GT-R Concept

The BN kit is BIG, so whats better than GTR35 rims. Big and heavy!

FTR the stats are
Fronts: 20"x9.5"J +35 11.6 Kg 255/40ZRF20
Rears: 20"x10.5"J +15 12.2 Kg  285/35ZRF20

Borrow some for shows maybe.

For weight loss on 20" this is as good as it gets.
Gram Lights - R57GT are the same sizes and Forged
Fronts: 20"x9.5"J +15 11.2 Kg 
Rears: 20"x10.5"J +15 11.5 Kg

yeah I know. Just teasing..

Race Car, light is good and you would end up running expensive sport tyres not grippies.

How about new Advan RF-DZ Forged Deep Z design in 20"? 19"? 18 is my choice

 I remember I took these at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2004. Vented bonnet. Craft Square mirrors.

New vented sides. Everything was kind of smoothed out and more functional.

Re-Shaped rear bumber and rear fender. I kind of liked the protype rear fenders though.

Front remained the same except for the lower lip.

This was TAS 2003 version. Very swoopy.

Rear bumper was rediculously huge and the lower lip angles were toned down a bit on the latter car.

I stayed in the BN booth for a long time at TAS in 2003 looking at this thing and wondering how I could make a road car. I decided I couldn't. I bought the RE-A GT kit instead.


Confused again

Today I went to Garage R not far from my house. They have about 20 FD3s on the yard right now.

I checked over a bunch of cars under $20,000. To most Australians that means the shittiest cars available, but in Japan 2000 dollars is a bad car. 20,000 means full tune almost perfection.

So the choice was. T04Z Top Fuel tune street registered perfection and 500hp. Brake upgrades, riding on Advan RS and S-tyres and capable of FSW in 1.54s. AMAZING! nothing to spend and you can drive it too the track.
Full aero too.

I also know of another similar car for sale right now.
I am soo tempted to push into this car or something very similar.
There were a few others like this too. R-magic tune newer model boost up only etc..

100% Race car. RE-Amemiya ADGT. T78 CE28N etc etc. Not good tyres and needed a Vmount
For me this is close but it's already got pieces I don't want.

But really my budget starts here.
99 Sanai Spec Boost Up car. Full aero, suspension etc

Late model with cage, BBS LM and normal engine.

But also
11K cars.
T78 engine in an older body

Stock engine with a full RE-A aero. Custom light pearl with dry carbon parts! pretty nice actually but the high klms are troubling.

The problem is, they all have merits and bad points. Kind of the best one for me isn't there.
there were 3 spirit Rs and a pristine RZ in various states of tune.
How much is enough as a starting point.

Unfortunately the car I wanted to see the 20b FD was gone.
20b FC peripheral port??? NONONO

Japan offers way too much choice but it also means I know what I want because nothing matched.
I also noticed when I look at these cars, there are many things I look at and say... Do I really want to do this in Japan with no dedicated garage? Thats means a street car and not a 100% track car.

Anyway, It was good to go and see these cars, the stance, the impact, the small things you can see that the internet hides. It helped a lot actually.

Really it is soo hard to stay focussed because it would be sooo easy to change.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Version III Direction

I chopped this car a month or so ago and it kind of captured my imagingation.

How easy it would be to make a race car. BN Sports + Advan RG-FD due this year.

I grabbed the BN Sports image and set to work canvassing ideas. like this TA version of my LM concept.

This TA monster also came to fruition

Rear view considers a less tuned version.

The new TE37 SL spurred me along a bit more. But I got a bit carried away customising the entire body.

It turned into a PanSpeed / Revolution style Monster with the ultimate performance etc.

I started changing lights, side skirts again and adding more and more.

So I backed it off a bit and eliminated a lot of custom ideas for a more realistic budget and objective.

I've kind of settled down on something like this, which is way more than enough for a direction to take shape.
Regular "used" TE37 and some older parts. But incorporating a new R-Magic splitter.

The rear became more GT style though with a bigger wing and fixed diffusser.

But realistically, to keep costs down, the car would be pretty standard, depending on the initial purchase vehicle. A basic GT rear wing would also be "Enough for Me"

Even with only some sponsors attracked by sheer impact, the overall appeal is great.

So I think this is the direction for is something in this region. Ultra wide, Wltra low, 100% dedicated track machine.

my next post will be about donor cars, now that direction is pretty much final.