Sunday, October 24, 2010

RP-01 reality

RP-01 Wheels. Rear are 18x9.5JJ fitted with 265/35/18.

Here is the controversial issue. 65mm. I need 67!!!!! Can I machine these? At what cost?

Side image... Yummy!

With 215 crap rubber up front there is heaps of room. fenders have been trimmed... poorly.

But 235 on 8.5 +25 ??? close. Very close.

Right now 245 RE-01 Potenzas on the rear provide ZERO grip at full throttle.

So the 265 is probably required but at +28, clearance may be an issue. low ride height is out of the question right now. I was trying to avoid rolling the fenders. DIY might be in order.

Costs and more importantly TIME keeps racking up. I've waited a long time for the car, maybe I'm just too impatient.

calm down.

RP-01 Drama

***Photoshop above


So I got some White RP-01 second hand.

They look incredible up against the car!
And they were cheap.

However fitment is a issue

5x114.3 18" x 8.5 +35

5x114.3 18"x9.5 +38

Perfect! Right? ... WRONG!


I assumed they would have a hub of 73mm like 99.9% of aftermarket Japanese wheels.
It turns out the hub is too small. Unadvertised feature from the seller.
Anyway, What to do?

I need a 8mm or 10mm spacer to be safe to clear the lip on the brake disk "centric hub"
That leads to a dilemma, maybe wanted or unwanted.
First I need long hub bolts and the spacers.
Costs involved here.
Spacers $30, $80 for bolts fitting probably $250. I'm not very DIY these days.

Stance will be awesome with wheels pushed to max.

But can I fit 18x8.5 +35 -10mm =  18x8.5 +25 on the front?

18x9.0 +29 is OK on the limit


Should I try to fit these? or just go for XT7.

The other question is, should I swap the bonnet for my friends Carbon Scoot copy. Maybe suit the white car better? But then again, all white is cool!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First mod

Sleek lights are cool but provide terrible illumination.

The IPF bulbs are ok, It's just that most projected light is blocked by the housings.

I don't really care about that... cool is fine.

I added some IPF logos to them. The first sticker mod to the car.

Cheap but effective. Maybe need a bit bigger? not sure yet.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flush it.

I gave the major oils a flush today and as part of the process I ended up replacing the sandwich type oil sensor attachment with a Knight Sports one to support the defi gauges. This allows me to run a full size oil filter instead of a small one about 2" long. Somtimes things make sense.

Psycologically it feels smoother! haha.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bung it out

While I was around the back of the car, I found this little guy eating a sushi bento lunch box while hanging from the tow hook. Cool! He can stay.

Took out the exhaust bung and went for a little squirt. Fast and Loud. Me Like... Neighbours... maybe not so much.


Thursday, October 14, 2010


I made myself a cool little keyring and picked up the keys today. You can make lots of little creative things these days!

Went to pick up the car and get the registration changed. The car has a long registration, so the expenditure here was minimal. I didn't get a special number plate. Just photoshoped 7:13. I booked it in for a full service at my local tuner, then brought it home. It's a beast, rough and ready but a project none the less. Sunday, it will get a fluid flush and a few things checked out, then it's a known condition.

First impression is hard to say right now. It's totally different to my last one. The exhaust has a bung in there, so until it comes out, it won't go to red-line yet. Suspension is relatively compliant, but that could be somewhat due to neglected tyre pressures and the crappy tyres also. One gripe at the moment. It's hard to heel toe with the cage in the way near my right leg. I'll have to sort something there. Maybe a new seat will change the position, If not, it may get the front section of the cage removed.

Pretty happy though. Needs wheels! URGENTLY! I don't think I'll post a pic of the side until I get some.
I don't think I'll need to change much.

My list so far includes. Wheels, Driver's seat and maybe mirrors. The rear wing may be swapped for a stockish one on non-track days. The rest will be maintenance.

ps It doesn't like Tokyo traffic either.Clutch is murderous. Likes the highway though.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Enkei OK

I think I have found a starting point.

I have loved these rims from a long time ago... 10 years ago I had an MR-2 with some in 17".

Some super cheap older White Enkei RP-01 in 18" could be just the ticket until I save for some real rims.

Wheels Dilemma III

Work CR-Kai were a favourite for me on their release.

9.5J retain the deepest taper.

I am liking these in 18x9.5+38 F and 18x9.5+30 R

Bronze are OK, but I like the Work Metal Bright chrome better.

More Wheel Dilemmas

I had my heart set on the RP01 to replicate true FD style, but the used ones I'm looking at may be bad.

57D... +38 is that deep concave... NO! only +22 and that aint good.

Any thicker rims and white doesn't work. the car doesn't contrast.

Advan RGII maybe. Gold is striking!

Silver... pretty good...

Still not ruled out Advan... But they are pricey. Is the white the same white?

18x9 +29 gt-R size with 225 and 18x10 +25 = FAT!

RZ 18x9 +35 18x10 +35 GTR design & easy fit

18x9.5 +38 225/40R18 with some stretch  F 18x9.5+30 R 255/35R18 in Bronze

doesn't an RX7 need 7 spokes? Pretty cool. and these are cheap.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wheels Dilemma II

MMM Gun Metal Enkei NT-03 but cleaning is a P A I N

TE37 SL... ho hum?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wheels Dilemma.

Can I go past the good ol' Work XD9 in Bronze? Something about white and bronze.

Rays Gram Lights 57 G are pretty cool but front sizing is difficult. The Black out treatment on a white car, may give just a little too much contrast.

The main dilemma with Advan RS-D is this... PRICE!  And the fact with standard brakes... maybe too much to see.

Weds SA55 M are cool, I have posted about them before, but i'm not sure of the silver accents.

I haven't even picked up the car yet and I am dreaming of wheels.

But then again, I am dreaming of lots of things. You never know what the car may end up like. I love the Renown 787B colouring, but it is a bit toooooo over the top, so a pimer cammo street warrior may be in issue.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sneek Peek.

The imagery is sound. The scoot front is not too different to be noticed. Almost normal with a little more attidude.

These are the impact parts at the moment. RE-A Lights and Scoot Bonnet. Sleek Lights maybe painted white. What do you think?

This is what you will hear. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP

This is where I steer. More White... Defi and Mazda.

And a view from the rear.... Hatch needs some attention Or a replacement wing one day. 


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Questions and Answers

What FD3s has the following?

RE-Amemiya Sleek Lights
Scoot Sports Hood
Scoot Sports Front Bumper
Brake Ducting.
Custom GT Wing
Cheap side skirts.
Tow hook
Scoot Dampers
Stock Mazda wheels.

Roll cage
Relocated battery
Momo Leather Wheel.
White face instruments
White face Defi Boost, Water and Oil, Temp and Oil pressure gauges
Kenwood Stereo

Apexi Power FC
Power FC Commander

Trust TD06 turbo
Trust Manifold
Trust Type R BOV
Trust Airinx Filter
Dolphin Tail style exhaust.
Custom IC setup -- Z mount?
Koyo Radiator
RE-A Air Separator Tank
HKS twin power ignition
Greddy Elbow
Piping with Samco hoses.
Greddy Pulleys
PS Cooler
HD Clutch

and a lot of potential.

Wait for it......

What needs the following?
Craft Square TC-R/W Mirrors
Awesome looking Wheels.
A good clean up.
To be driven.


MY FD! I present the commencement of  RE-Xtreme Version III.

The car is a 2000 RB Bathurst, but not much is left of the original spec.
Estimated power is around the 400ps mark with these mods. Should make for some fun.

Price was just right for me. Some parts may be replaced slowly in the future or upgraded as necessary, but for now it is almost on the money. I can order wheels almost straight away
But probably have to wait for them as is the case these days.

I looked at a lot of cars for about 6 months. In that time values have dropped and the market flooded with cars that aren't selling. It's a buyers market really. Thats all I'll say about price.

There aren't too many plans for the car at all. It looks pretty cool already. I don't think I can avoid the Advan issue. I simply love their design. I've had RS, RGII and the new Advan RG-D are irresistable and very current.

Then just drive it.

But you never know, there may be some low cost, maximum impact items. You'll probably see a hundred or so renderings in the coming weeks as I go back and forth between wheel designs. Offset and size will be somewhere in the 18x9 +25 and 18x10 +35 range and made to fit at whatever cost. these give up 3mm of dish to the 19" versions but are cheaper and more drivable... I'm already thinking.

Monday, October 4, 2010