Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Reaper Returns!

A long time ago I drew a grim reaper with an RE-Amemiya Facer 9 kitted fd3s... 

That concept may come to reality with a good RZ base car.
Auction day tomorrow.
I'll soon give you the touch of Death!


PS. My own stupidity missed this one... DOH! Maybe the reaper got me...

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This was a Pan Speed Customer Car.

Shaken is possible

1994 though so a bit old and it has higher klms. 117,000
But everything has been rebuilt and replaced about 10000klms ago.

It is very close to what I wanted to begin with.
It needs some TLC and a lot of rusty bolts replaced.

Body looks good. All Pan Speed Circa 2007 and some other items. Rear Fenders are cut and welded.
T04Z with HKS FConv tune, Cross Cut close ratio mission and Twin Plate clutch

It has been sitting outside some of it's life I'd imagine.
Vented bonnet not helping keep water out.
It is a bit rusty in areas around the battery mount.
Steel engine pulleys are also a little rusty.
Bolts on the wing are rusty
Exposed steel areas of the roll cage are a little rusty too.
Although Ohlins look perfect. super clean.

No Shaken, so I couldn't drive it, But idling and rev seemed good. No Smoke.

I'm probably crazy to even consider this... haha.
There is about 4.5M worth of tuning on this car.

I put some rough numbers beside items.


FD3s 1994
Tuning Pan Speed

Engine Original apex seal 10000Klm Rebuild 
Fuel pump NISMO in Tank
Rotor 8.5
Turbine To4Z O / H after 10000Km 
Wastegate External

CPU F Con V Pro Ver3.24
Intercooler Three-layer
Radiator Three-layer copper core
Exhaust System Pan Speed
Straight Pipe and Muffler
Air cleaner HKS

Suspension F& R Ohlins Pan Speed Spec
Wheels 17-inch Regamaster Evo
Tire Size F&R 265/40-17  Direzza
Mission OS Giken Cross
Clutch Twin OS Giken 
Flywheel OS Giken
Stock LSD

Roll bar Pan Speed 5-point

Blitz DSBC
Blitz Boost gauge,
Blitz water temperature gauge

Seatbelt Sabelt
Steering MOMO
Knob Aluminium
Audio deck Carrozzeria CD, MD

Pan Speed GT2000 Front
Pan Speed Wide Fender
Pan Speed Vertical Fin
Pan Speed Side step
Mazdaspeed Rear Under Skirt GT-C
Pan Speed Rear fender  
Pan Speed Hood FRp GT2000
Wing SARD 3d

Enhanced PPF

What to do???? 480ps....! Lets go racing!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

RE-Xtreme Version III - Evolutions

I've been getting to a point in my Version III planning process and the black and white image is definately part of the plan. Close to final, its only really the small things that may change.

RE-Xtreme Version III Evolution.

I've dubbed the project code-name "FD 7:13" for the 13b version.

RE-Xtreme Version III Evolution I.

This will be just body and wheels for the inspired look. Drift focus on low traction for slideability. This car is not about being a D1 competitor, just fun and uber cool.

BN Sports Aero Kit - "Inspired by Mad Mike and Haruguchi"
BN Sports Front Bumper,
BN Sports Fenders,
BN Sports Side Skirts
BN Sports Rear bumper cut away for a future diffuser.
Craft Square TC-F mirrors,
Mazdaspeed Type II rear wing.

Basic tuning should be whatever the donor car is purchased with but the following will be added.
V-Mount cooling.
Bolt in Cage.
Satoru Works Drift Knuckles 

Work XC8 19x10 +20 Semi Gloss Black
Nexen N3000 265/30/19 Tyres.
Spacer's to suit.

RE-Xtreme Version III Evolution II
This will be the full drift spec with a view to go further.

BN Side Skirt Modifications and Canards.
Cwest Lights - Covers replaced by Standard covers fixed in position. "Inspired by Asamoto."
Kunny'z JZX100 Style GT Wing.
FRP Rear gate
FRP Doors
RE-Amemiya hood 9 with GT deflectors.
These complete the drift spec mods.

Body mods will include some welding,
But initially light weight will be the focus.
A cage will bring back some strength.

Engine tuning is still to be determined based on purchase spec.
Track work will see a few changes after a while.

RE-Xtreme Version III TA Evolution
is a maybe. Depends how far I go.

Track Wheels and Spring damping.
Work XT7 18x9.5 +12 MHG Bronze
Semi Slick - tyres A050 or similar.
Spacer and Spring Rates to suit.

Custom Flat under body and

Custom front splitter
Custom Rear difusser.

Now it's decided. I'll just keep saving cash until the day.
There's always the extra things like wild Vinyl, SSR Professor in matt gold and massive offsets.

But thats another dream...


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bomber 7:13

The influence of cars from Rauh Welt cannot be ignored in the tuning industry. Hard as FCUK comes to mind.

See here.

While looking for Deep Watanabe's I figure the nearest solution is a 3 piece SSR or Work Miester in a flat colour.

RWB porsche runs SSR Wheels. 18"x11J +0 in the front and 18"12J -33 in the rear sounds good for BN sports. Still don't know how wide...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More crazy inspiration.

Anyone who knows me knows I like Roadsters almost as much as FD3s Rx7. Two of the coolest cars to come from the mazda designers in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

This one almost matches the idea for a BN sports style MX5 with grey Primer (aircraft grey) top coat.

If ONLY they made Watanabe 8 spoke in 18 or 19", it would be awesome for the FD!

Very cool!