Friday, September 16, 2011

Kingyo's Secret Affair

This is somnething I'd love to do. Just totally over the top, but it's driving me crazy I can't sleep!

The ultimate mix of RWB and RE-Amemiya. two things I love. Kingyo's Affair.

Only need 3~4K to build it? Any sponsors out there?

Unfortunately, the wheels I want to run (used in this photoshop) are 18x12 +6 rear and 18x10 +6 front.

This FRP body is designed for 18x9.5+22 so there's an extra 30mm that needs to be found. It aint happening. hahaha

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

C1 Opponent - R33


To Drift or Not to Drift

TE37 SL 17" with 245/40/17. FANTASTIC!

Unfortunately, they belong to Andy from Powervehicles, but I sat them beside mine for a "test".  He was lucky to keep them.

Every time I meet Andy, I want to turn my car into a tyre shredder.

How ever If I did drift the car, you can't have a standard looking car. I want a FATTY.

He currently has some old Miester S1 for sale and I tried these over fenders for fun too. The Miester Monster from my last post could be a reality? HAHAHA.. maybe... not. maybe...

I forgot to take pics though.