Friday, May 27, 2011

RE-Xtreme Version III TA Spec

Remember this. I haven't forgotten the dream... Hello Dream! Should I fight....Maybe reality and dreams sometimes don't mix.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ups and downs.

Well, on my trip to Hakone last week there were a couple of tiny issues. The car was riding super low at the front and I hadn't had time to adjust before I left. So I had some small resultant scraping. The wheel fender inners are not the best anyway, but the car really needed another 5mm ride height adjustment to avoid that "choop choop" sound on full bump compression or loads of lock and roll in tighter corners.

So, in favour of function over stance, the car is now 5mm higher at the front and the result is a flat effect. Rears remain the same. The new KTS shocks really feel good. Both on the street (passengers may be less discerning) and through the twisties. Taking bumps with ease and easily controllable on throttle. Just how I like it.

The result is still low, but infinitely more street-able. Especially on my driveway with wheels on lock.  My tyres are the highest 235/40 I've ever seen. Pirelli dragons. Maybe it's my smooth driving, but the tyres are OK  they really didn't feel too bad up in the mountains. Of course, If I drive really aggressively, then provoking over-steer is not a problem, AT ALL. This is the kind of setup I like anyway. I like to take a car to the limit. If the limit is lower then thats OK too. It's more fun.

This small bend was the result from my driveway the other day. I fixed the small tyre intrusion during the lowering process. The car needs still some minor TLC. It's small things that make it a track car, not a show car. Previous owners poorly rolled front fenders were never an issue as a wide-body or replacement fenders capable of handling 255 were always on the cards. Nothing a bit of sandpaper and well executed touch up won't fix though.

For anyone with independent height adjustable coil-overs, it's easy to do this with very primitive FD jack and the c-spanners. Alignment is probably effected a small amount but not enough to do too much damage to handling.

Top position remains the same. The lower one not visible in these shots is where they adjust. I have three settings. (for my reference 100:89:84)

This little baby loves the 0.9 setting. 0.7 just doesn't cut it. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last Long Drive

What a day!

It all started with a wash and polish to remove the vinyl leftovers.

Then I headed onto the highway through the city.

Midday in Tokyo, you can be lucky and have a quiet day. (checking the live traffic feeds is mandatory)

As you snake through the city you get the feelings of Japan.

I arrived at a PA to find a stock black FD driven by a 70~80 year old guy. Only in Japan!

From there it was a quick sprint to the Toyo Turnpike and some vending machine goodness.

Paying all the tolls to get here is all worth it.

Although the Turnpike is a toll road, you can go up and down as many times as you like if you know where to turn around. This spot has featured in many motoring journalists stories. Ill link some later.

Single turbo sweetness. This is the road for this car.

A while ago Dino gave me some speed-hunters stickers, I left these few on the front bar as a memento.

And at the rear. Yep it's loud. Tunnels are insane!

A rear shot before heading off again.

The roads are awesome but I ALWAYS slow down here because the view is awesome. It's hard to take a pic though.

Back to the top, one of many trips up the 15klms of road.

Back down and the sun was getting warmer. This shot has some emotion for me.

My Canon IXY compact camera couldn't handle the contrast though.

The Bride seat puts you in a great position, pedal work must be accurate here. Tyres were better than I'd thought too.

iPhone was actually doing a better job with contrast. A few pics to friends from here.

Back into the jungle.

And high on the top. the setting sun was like paradise. Sounds, Feelings and Emotions came back.

With views like this every time I pulled over.

A Diamond Shot.

I decided to do the loop. The short link road on the turnpike is 150yen of smoothness, but it's like a rally special stage. not very long.

You can see it in the background cut along the side of a steep mountain.

Out the other side is the Ashinoko Skyline. Tighter and more demanding. 2nd to 3rd gear is the main rather than 3rd and 4th on the turnpike.

There are still the mandatory breaks for a hot vending machine coffee.

Yet another flowing mountainside.

Followed by another tight corner. Some of them have red paint to slow us down.

But some are just inviting.

The tunpike is at the other end of this lake. The top pics were looking from the other side.

Peeking out, practicing some depth of field.

While I waited for the sun to set.

Then it was off for more action.

Down the Hakone pass is a tight monster that's covered with drifters rubber most of the way.

Here you can see the immense power of the RE-Amemiya Sleek light conversion.... haha

But the sun was still sending out it's last.

Back to Tokyo is another adventure.

As you drive past the same places at night. You know you're almost home.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The last of the stickers have been removed.

These were remaining

With the car sitting outside, it doesn't get cleaned very often.

So the remnants will be cleaned tomorrow. Then maybe a drive.